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Advice needed for month

If you are on a PC or laptop (not smart phone) you might want to take a look at some of the Top Questions links on the top right of this page. First, I jealous of your plan. It does seem like a lot to see and do, but who am I to tell you HOW to travel. I travel a little slower, but I don force my needs on others. Since a lot of your plans have the ability to use train travel, you might also want to look at the forum board called Train Travel. Also, plenty of country boards and location boards for each place you want to see. Have fun!!

I never plan "Comprar Gh Jintropin" beyond A. When I have seen and done everything I want to see/do in that place then and only then do I move on to B. I may even change where B is based on something that happens while I am in A. I wing it Levitra 10 Mg all the way. I like travel to be an adventure where I don know when I get up each morning what I will decide to do that day. You can plan a tour, you cannot plan an adventure by definition. But not everyone is that adventurous. I would suggest however that you consider whether it would suit you or not.

I have done four trips to Europe, 3.5 weeks, 4 weeks (twice) and 6 weeks. The first one was a solo trip over 30 years ago, with a backpack, a Eurail Pass, and hostel stays, and I covered a loop through France and Italy (Paris Tours Bordeaux Carcassonne Marseilles Genoa Florence Rome Venice Paris). On that trip, I was always on the move, but I was very young then and my ambition was to see as much as possible. I had planned to go to Naples and Pompeii (that was to be THE highlight), but the day before I was to go there on the train from Rome, there was an earthquake in the Naples area (Nov. 1980). So I went to Venice instead.

The second trip was Germany/Austria in 2007 this was kind of like two vacations in one, with 1 week in Hamburg (based around an event there), and then 3 weeks in a loop from Munich to various Bavarian and Tirolean mountain Mesterolone Ireland villages (for hiking), and then to Salzburg. The distance covered on this portion between the two furthest points was under 300 km. We got around by train and How To Use Sildenafil Citrate Powder most stays were three nights, some four. It still felt like we were covering a lot of ground, but it was not hectic or rushed. And we did a LOT of hiking! :)

The third (also 4 weeks) was just a small area in southern Spain, staying in small villages and hiking, with under 400 km between the two furthest points, mostly in Andalucia and a bit of the Alpujarra region, with a rental car, with mainly four or five night stays. The only part of this trip that was pre booked was the Gensci Jintropin first stay (3 nts), the "buy cheap jintropin online" rental car, and the last night stay near the airport. At the end of this holiday, we were in a village a couple of hours drive from Granada; we wanted to see the Alhambra, but that would have been a really long day and we were basically just getting a bit too "travelled out" to do that to ourselves. So we decided Granada would have to wait for another trip.

Then last year was six weeks, which was again almost like two vacations in one. we had cheap airfare in/out of Amsterdam, so spent a week between there and in Belgium at the start (had planned for train between, but there was talk of a strike, so wound up using a combination of bus and train), and a couple of days in Amsterdam at the end, and in the remaining 4.5 weeks, we flew south and spent a week each in two towns on the Algarve coast of Portugal, sightseeing and hiking, by rental car; then 2.5 weeks in Spain: Sevilla Granada a couple of small towns on the Mediterranean coast and then flying out of Valencia back to Amsterdam. The Sevilla to Granada portion was by train; the remainder with Clomid Australia Price a rental car. This last part of the trip felt like we were always on the go and was the least relaxing of the whole time.

So basically by trail and error, we have discovered that we prefer slower travel, covering less distance and staying longer in locations. With the last three trips, some parts at the beginnings have been booked in advance, but then we head off like Ron mentions above, with no set itinerary, making it up as we go along until we run out of time. The downside of doing this is that it can be stressful to be trying to plan the next segment of your itinerary while you are already on vacation, especially when you have a lot of choices! (Such a wonderful "first world" problem to have! LOL)

I think Ron has given you some great pointers above, especially in regards to the travel days. Remember that two nights in one location really means only one day there to see/do and one travel day. Also, don forget that in your two days in London, you will be jet lagged. After a long flight, we like to plan on not having much scheduled for the first couple of days, but wait and see what we feel like doing. (But I suppose in general we are just not inclined to "schedule" our time much while on vacation.) Not that we are inactive . we usually put on many miles walking around cities. (So much so that I usually lose a bit of weight on these vacations, even though we do a lot of eating and drink of lot of wine!)

Looking at the itinerary you posted above, my very first impression would be to cut out Munich. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend visiting some time (it was just a "jumping off" point for us, so our visit was too short and I would like to go back again), but it yet one more location on your list, and I think you would be better off using those two days elsewhere. I have never been to London or Athens, but TA friends of mine are currently discussing visiting London, and they are all of the opinion that there is LOTS to do and see there and a couple of days is not nearly enough time. And again, with Athens, I really can believe that you could do it any justice in a single day. So my advice would be to prioritize your list of destinations and pare it down a little (which should also help with your budget), and to add your two buffer days to destinations on that shorter list. Remember to stop and smell the roses a little bit!

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Bradjill: I opted for 4 days in Florence because I wanted to take 2 day trips out > one to Cinque Terre and one to San Gimignano. As for knowing what floats my boat. being a Singaporean, I say FOOD is what I love most. That was why I chose slightly longer in Florence because I thought I would enjoy the food there, since its in the Tuscany region. As for all the history/architecture/culture, I think I be amazed for a while and then everything becomes the same after a while. Also, my 5 days in Rome includes a day trip out to Pompeii! That is probably going to be the highlight of my trip! I was considering for a while to go directly to Naples after visiting Pompeii and flying to Santorini from there. I not too sure if I should do that though, not keen on staying only one night and I heard Naples is slightly more difficult to navigate than Rome?

Ron S: Wow! Your story is pretty amazing. I am 22 years old so I a poor student with no world experience at all. This trip is actually my graduation trip! I agree with you though about how people might feel better if they had no plans at all. However, being able to travel from week to week does require quite a bit of funds (especially for train and flight tickets!). Of course, there might always be unforeseen circumstances that could ruin my plans for this particular and if it does I will take your advice and keep an open mind! One day, when I Acquisto Levitra have more time and money, I do what you did set out on an adventure and tackle each day that comes. :)